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Way To Bake (a Delicious Cake)   By Don Grady, Marty Panzer Nov 30, 2021
Dos Oruguitas   By Lin-manuel Miranda Nov 24, 2021
Wakanda Baaba Maal By Baaba Maal, Ludwig Goransson Oct 13, 2021
Wakanda (reprise) Baaba Maal By Baaba Maal, Ludwig Goransson Oct 6, 2021
Marvel Studios Fanfare 3   By Michael Giacchino Sep 22, 2021
Natural Disaster   By Doug Leibowitz, Tova Litvin Sep 22, 2021
George Of The Jungle Score   By Marc Shaiman Sep 22, 2021
Best Summer Ever   By Matthew Tishler, Amy Powers Sep 4, 2021
Touch The Sky   By Patrick Doyle Sep 4, 2021
Tomorrowland Main On Ends/ End Credits   By Michael Giacchino Sep 4, 2021
Elephant Waterfall   By John Debney Sep 4, 2021
Call Me Cruella   By Jordan Elizabeth Adelberger, Nicholas Britell, Florence Welch, Taura Stinson, Stephenie Nicole Jones Sep 4, 2021
The Bravest Boy I've Ever Met   By Daniel Hart Sep 1, 2021
Day Of The Dead   By Christopher Diamond, Michael Kooman Sep 1, 2021
The Paper Chase   By Michael Giacchino Sep 1, 2021
Kim Possible   By Adam Berry Sep 1, 2021
The Jungle Book   By John Cardon Debney Sep 1, 2021
Festival Of Love   By Craig Gerber, Silvia Olivas, John Kavanaugh Sep 1, 2021
Puppy For Hanukkah   By Jonathan Snipes, Daveed Diggs, William Huston Aug 12, 2021
Loki Green Theme   By Natalie Holt Jul 16, 2021
Exceptional Halloween   By Matthew Tishler, Krista Tucker, Philip Bentley Jul 13, 2021
Halloween   By Marco Marinangeli, Dena Diamond, Mike Himelstein Jul 7, 2021
Kingdom Hearts Theme   By Hikaru Utada Jun 30, 2021
Blood Moon Waltz   By Brian H. Kim Jun 30, 2021
Drosselmeyer   By James Newtown Howard Jun 23, 2021